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Manifesting With Somatic Healing

By Ife Mora

Hi, my name is Ifé Mora. I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (Somatic Experiencing

founded by Dr. Peter Levine), and a Buddhist spiritual counselor. I grew up practicing Nichiren

Daishonin’s Buddhism, a beautiful and powerful Buddhist practice for achieving enlightenment

and inner peace. I was also trained to be a leader in this practice, leading many people to

achieve a state of wisdom and manifest many of their desires through practicing Nichiren’s

Buddhism and chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. In fact, our practice encourages Buddhists to

chant for desires, life states and an awareness that we are not just chanting for ourselves, but for others and humankind as well.


Our 13th century Buddha Nichiren Daishonin’s writes, “earthly desires are enlightenment”. The concept is that while we are chanting for what we desire, we will go through a spiritual life transformation from our efforts, chanting, and dedication to the practice. Simultaneously we attain evidence that the practice works and begin to feel confident in chanting for our desires, other people, humanity, and our planet. But what I realized about having only a spiritual practice to answer all of my life’s problems was that while some of my prayers were being answered, I was still suffering from unresolved trauma. I was not aware at the time that a mind-body-spirit-nervous system approach was needed in order to heal my unresolved trauma. I realized that I could only go so far with what I wanted to achieve in life. What I wanted to achieve was prosperity and wellness throughout all areas of my life.

So, what does it mean to achieve prosperity and wellness throughout all areas of life? Well, for

me it means to experience all the beauty that life has to offer; to have good health, to have life

vitality, to feel creative energy, to have healthy connections with my family, to have love and a

healthy relationship with my life partner, to be a great mom and have good relationships with

my children, to want to learn and have the energy to absorb knowledge, to have the desire to be healthy, to be able to be in control of how I respond emotionally, to feel safe in my

body, to be physically active, and to be able to have a career that I am passionate about that

helps humanity in some way.

I have a huge history of trauma and no matter how much my family was spiritual, they could

not protect me from their own trauma and experiencing trauma myself. So, I began therapy at

an early age, but later I realized that no amount of cognitive top down therapy alone was going

to allow me to feel safe in my own body, help me heal unresolved trauma, and experience all the beauty that life has to offer. Needless to say, talk therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy

did not help me with the trauma I had experienced in life.

I would turn to my Buddhist practice for almost everything, and even though I could manifest

many desires with my practice I began to realize I would often sabotage those manifestations

because I could not move fully out of my trauma. I knew that my behavior came from a deep

place of suffering that I would often feel in my body and that I could not heal with Buddhism

alone. Later through my Somatic healing I would learn that I was living in survival physiology

(fight, flight, and freeze), due to my unresolved trauma locked in my body.

I decided to go and see an integrative and holistic therapist who referred me to a body-oriented healer who was also a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. They said this healer could help me to learn how to heal the unresolved trauma in my body, teach me how to regulate my nervous system, help me to truly connect to my life vitality and move out of survival physiology. After seeing this therapist, who worked in a very new and holistic way with Somatic

Experiencing, I achieved the life transformation I had always wanted and needed to achieve to

connect to my authentic self. It took about a year to really feel the true transformation, but

even before that I was already on my way to becoming certified as a Somatic Experiencing

Practitioner myself.

One day in a Master Class training with Dr. Peter Levine facilitating on Patterns, Presence, and

Practice, I experienced something incredible! I was able to achieve such a deep state of

presence from my SE healing practice that all time disappeared. I felt a profound sense of being in my body (or embodied), a sense of pure health, a connection to creation, fully connected to everything, and truly anchored in the present moment with gratitude. Within this experience I began receiving signs and messages. The message that came to me was to “just BE”, “and all will come to me”. And, within this profoundly present state there were desires in my heart at the time that I became clearly aware of. That evening those desires began manifesting, and to this date have not stopped manifesting.


So, I recorded my experience and decided to share this work with my clients. After their

sessions with me they were also experiencing breakthroughs with blocks, manifesting their desires, and overcoming what had previously been difficult to breakthrough! I thought, "this is incredible and I need to share this with everyone!" And here we are.

Some of the key techniques needed for achieving a Somatic Healing Manifestation state are the


1. A sense of safety in the body. Building a safe container.

2. Curiosity and the commitment to heal life’s sufferings that are stored in the body, like

trauma and stress (suffering in the body creates a felt sense of a block).

3. Connecting the mind to the body. And eventually connecting the mind to the body,

spirit, and nervous system.

4. Achieving absolute presence.

5. Achieving a sense of groundedness and connection.

6. The ability to connect with patience.

7. Absolute gratitude for everything in the present moment.

8. A connection with the experience of being in the body thus achieving embodiment.


Thank you for reading. There is so much love for you here!


Warmest Regards,


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