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Embodied Healing: Personal Somatic Trauma Healing Sessions

(In-person or Online) -  Free 30-Minute Consultations

Experience gentle and profound healing from trauma and stress through personalized Somatic healing sessions. Using techniques such as Somatic Experiencing, visualization exercises, and mindfulness, we will focus on creating an embodied experience that gently release the blocks, tightness, and rigidity of trauma from your body, creating a safer container and expansion within. 


During our 1-hour sessions, you will tap into your body’s innate wisdom to restore resilience, cultivate hope, and foster a sense of safety and vitality. You are in control of your narrative and there is no pressure to share if you are not ready because Somatic trauma healing works even without narrative. Additionally, I can also support you in working with relationship dynamics using Attachment theory, and rewiring your nervous system with Polyvagal theory. 


Whether in-person or online, each session begins with a free 30-minute consultation to ensure a personalized approach tailored to your unique needs. Take a step toward holistic healing and empowerment with embodied Somatic trauma healing.

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