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Women’s Trauma Healing and Self-Empowerment Workshops

In this workshop, we will explore the unique impact of trauma on gender identifying women and how socialization around docility and agreeability can contribute to stress, trauma, abusive relationships, wreak havoc on our health, and lead us down paths of subjugation. It is extremely important for gender identifying women to re-socialize tehmselves to embody healthy primal aggression in order to thrive and not just survive leading to healthier bodies, minds, and spirits, increased confidence, safety, and well-being.


Drawing on my experience in mixed martial artist, including Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, and Boxing, we will explore techniques for self-defense along with more gentle approaches for those who are dealing with high arousal states and as a result physical aggression feels overwhelming for their systems. This approach works with specific body movements that mobilize the physiology out of the survival freeze state by completing defensive responses in a gentle way without force or aggression. Mindfulness work is also done in this workshop, along with visualization exercises, breath work, and affirmation work. Additionally, we will delve into attachment work to address past wounds and create healthier relationships.

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