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Social Justice Trauma Informed Education for Impacted Communities

This workshop takes a broader perspective on trauma resolution by examining the societal injustices, inequity, and inequalities that have impacted marginalized communities. It acknowledges that our society, particularly in the west is very traumatizing and focuses on my work with an abolitionist movement called Healing Justice. We will address trauma experienced by people of color who have been impacted by societal injustices and work towards healing that trauma. This workshop was inspired by the healing work I do with the families, youth, individuals, and communities negatively impacted by law enforcement, in collaboration with an abolitionist organization called Dignity and Power Now.


This workshop aims to educate participants about the effects of trauma in their body, behaviors, and teaches techniques for resolving trauma, building resilience, and managing triggers and stress. It also includes information on survival physiology, (fight, flight, and freeze), and neurodivergence, to promotes self-compassion and compassion for others. I have held this workshop for other communities outside of the abolitionist space as well. This workshop can be used as a part of diversity training retreats for any company or organization.

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