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the Neurobiological Approach to
A Psychoeducational Workshop

My Neurobiological Approach to Trauma workshop is a second part of a two-part series held after completing the trauma-informed class. If your organization or group is interested in a full trauma-informed weekend retreat, this workshop can be offered on the second day. Understanding how trauma changes the brain and nervous system is crucial in addressing trauma resolution and important to becoming trauma-informed. Renowned researchers in trauma have developed frameworks that provide practitioners with insights on how to recognize and treat the neurobiological effects of trauma. These concepts have been simplified for easy comprehension, and one does not need to be fluent in the language of science or neuroscience to grasp them.


Understanding neurodivergence, how each brain is unique based on individual experiences, fosters compassion, true diversity, and tolerance in the workplace institutions or relationships with oneself and others. This workshop will draw from the expertise of leading researchers in the field of trauma.

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