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Hi, I am Ifé Mora, SEP

(pronounced e-fay)

I am so honored that you have found me. I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Somatic Trauma Healer, Coach, trauma-informed educator, and Buddhist Spiritual Counselor. 


Somatic Trauma Healing is a gentle and safe method of therapy for everyone. 

Here is a little about me. I am a bi-cultural woman of Black American and Mexican-Indigenous heritage belonging to the Purépecha tribe of Michoacán, Mexico. I grew up in Detroit and have lived most of my life in New York City, Los Angeles, Mexico, and Europe. My mission is to help people heal the trauma stored in their bodies and nervous systems, enabling them to release stress, self-regulate, build resiliency, and feel safer, happier, and more hopeful. I strive to help people connect with their authentic selves and access their body’s innate ability to heal itself.

What is Somatic Healing?

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What is Somatic Healing?

Somatic healing involves going into the body to heal an individual of trauma rather than treating the mind. Trauma research shows that trauma is not primarily a psychological problem but is actually more a problem held in the body. When a person experiences trauma their nervous system charges up into a survival fight, flight, or freeze response. If the nervous system does not have an opportunity to release the energy charge created for protection then that energy will get trapped in the body’s tissues, nervous system, muscles, bones, or organs, even changing the brain. A person will be left feeling unsafe in their body and everything will feel like a threat. 

Somatic healing creates a safe container and builds the resiliency
to sit with the pains and discomforts long enough to eventually discharge and release the trauma from the body. With this experience comes internal and external resources allowing the person to continue healing living a better quality of life where they feel safer, more hopeful, and happier.

Embody the transformation
of healing your trauma and discovering your authentic self.

I am trained in several neurophysiological trauma and stress healing modalities thatmake up my teachings and practice for healing and self-regulation. They include:


Somatic Experiencing

(a body-oriented therapeutic model developed by Dr. Peter Levine) which focuses on completing survival threat responses

Polyvagal theory

(developed by Dr. Stephen Porges and Deb Dana) which focuses on co-regulation and rewiring the nervous system with an understanding of the function of the Vagus nerve


Trauma-Informed Teacher Training through Exhale to Inhale

understanding the effects of trauma on the brain and body

Attachment theory

which examines your history with relationships
starting at birth with your caregivers


Why I Became a
Somatic Trauma Healer

As a trauma survivor, I was introduced to Somatic Experiencing® while embarking on my own journey to heal my trauma. This experience changed my life and led me to give up my career as a professional musician, singer, and songwriter. One day I had a calling that guided me to became a healer and over the last four years I have helped numerous individuals resolve their trauma through a combination of neurobiological approaches and spirituality, enabling them to live better, happier, safer, and more fulfilling lives.

Through my work I have discovered my true purpose as a healer and strongly believe that if everyone healed their trauma and became trauma-informed, the world would be a safer place.
Join me on a journey to step into your greatness and discover your purpose by healing with me. 


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